The First Class of Tsinghua PBCSF Belt & Road FinTech Advanced Program Completed the Second Module

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Recently, students from the first class of Tsinghua PBCSF Belt & Road FinTech Advanced Program successfully completed their studies. Nearly 30 FinTech regulators, entrepreneurs and investors from nine countries and regions including Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Singapore completed the two-module course.

Throughout the program, Wang He, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of PICC P&C Insurance, Huo Xuewen, Director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Financial Work, Shu Ming, Partner at Lingfeng Capital, and Mao Junhua, Assistant to the President at Ant Financial, gave lectures to the students. The program participants explored current issues in Sino-US trade relations, investment opportunities and trends in the FinTech industry, and China's FinTech supervision.

Besides learning in classrooms, students also took field visits to Baidu, TalkingData, Rong, JD Finance, NetsUnion and Finup, and had the opportunity to talk with corporate executives, exploring the FinTech frontier.

Through two events organized for the class- “Southeast Asia Investment Opportunity Sharing” and “Southeast Asian FinTech Supervision Forum”, financial regulators from Southeast Asia exchanged their opinions on the recent development in FinTech and its supervision with Chinese FinTech entrepreneurs. Together, they discussed the investment trends and the future of FinTech.

The eight-day course provided for the participants not only a deep understanding of the application of artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, cloud computing and other technologies in financial innovation, but also a stronger grasp of FinTech supervision and the future development trend of the industry.

The program participants spoke highly of the course.

"I highly recommend Tsinghua PBCSF Belt & Road FinTech Advanced Program in light of the exponential and explosive growth of FinTech around the world. The program gave us an opportunity to gain insights directly from FinTech giants and their regulators in China. These were not limited to classroom lectures but actual exposure trips to rising startups as well as established FinTech companies. It surely is the finest FinTech program I have ever attended and I do look forward to even more modules." said Emilio B. Aquino, President of the Philippine Securities Regulatory Commission.

“This is the best platform for linking us to both the advanced FinTech firms and all relevant regulators in the region. It is a good springboard for us to elevate our understanding about the forthcoming technology with which we need to become acquainted, making sure that not only are we not left behind, but we also lead in the pack and stay ahead in the game", said Supat Ampaitanakorn, Chief Representative of the Bank of Thailand in Beijing.

"The Tsinghua PBCSF Belt & Road FinTech Advanced Program has achieved the perfect combination of international vision, FinTech theory, application and research. It was a brilliant experience overall. With systematic courses, meticulous teachers, active students who complement one another, this program is future-oriented as well as global-oriented", said Di Chenxi, Deputy General Manager of TF Securities.

"I am very grateful to Tsinghua PBCSF for giving us the opportunity to participate in this Belt & Road  FinTech Advanced Program. As an entrepreneur, through this study, I not only obtained first-hand industry-related knowledge from the lecturers, but also visited famous companies in the industry and talked with their executives. What’s more, I even got to meet friends from a diverse set of countries. The collision of our ideas during the course of study allowed us to create a strong bond of friendship. For the first time, I was able to re-examine my industry and think about new opportunities from the perspective of international and longer-term development. The Belt & Road Advanced FinTech Program is a classroom that keeps pace with the times. I strongly recommend FinTech entrepreneurs interested in globalization to join this program, and I look forward to the opportunity to participate again", said Li Hao, Wecash Co-founder.

Tsinghua PBCSF’s Belt & Road FinTech Advanced Program is a special training program for financial regulators, FinTech entrepreneurs and investors in Southeast Asia based on the B&R EMBA Program for Southeast Asia. Guiding students in understanding the economic development of Southeast Asia and China under the Belt and Road Initiative, this program helps students learn the business model, regulatory experience and development trend of Chinese FinTech enterprises, and combine the wave of Southeast Asian FinTech entrepreneurship to build a platform for interactive learning.

The upcoming class of Tsinghua PBCSF’s Belt & Road FinTech Advanced Program will begin in November 2018. For more details on the course, please click "Read all".

The First Class of Tsinghua PBCSF Belt & Road FinTech Advanced Program Completed the Second Module