PBCSF EMBA B&R Program for Southeast Asia Visited Baidu and JD.com

09-05-2018 391

On May 9, 2018, Tsinghua PBCSF EMBA B&R Program for Southeast Asia visited Baidu Tech Park and JD Group Headquarter, where the frontiers of mobile internet and AI were discussed.

Entering Baidu to learn about AI + big data + cloud computing + internet of things

In Baidu Tech Park, Yin Shiming, Baidu Vice President and General Manager of Baidu Cloud Computing Business Unit welcomed the students of Tsinghua PBCSF EMBA B&R Program for Southeast Asia, and introduced the strategic direction of Baidu's “having a greater Mobile Foundation and winning the AI (artificial intelligence) era”. Yin pointed out that “ABC” (AI, Big Data, Cloud Computing) and the extensive application of IOT (Internet of Things) have provided sufficient computing power and data basis for all enterprises. ABC has helped establishing a complete virtual world and forming a link between the IOT and the physical world. In the future, it will bring about a new industrial revolution for the human society. Yin stated that Baidu Cloud hopes to use ABC technology to empower enterprises to enhance their business and promote industrial development.

A speech given by Yin Shiming


Zhang Zhiqi, Vice General Manager of Baidu Cloud Computing Business Unit, introduced Baidu's artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, the development of the Internet of Things, as well as the current artificial intelligence technologies such as voice recognition. Zhang pointed out that Baidu Cloud has applied ABC technologies to a wide range of sectors including industry, construction, energy, security, public utilities, transportation, logistics, home furniture and automotive. It has established an open industrial application platform to increase industrial efficiency and promote industrial innovation and development.

Zhang Zhiqi shares experience with classmates

During the visit, students had a dialogue with Baidu Android Small Robot, which won the title of “Brain King” in the popular TV program Super Brain. By learning the data searched by Baidu search engine, Small Robot answered students’ questions one by one, showing AI’s wide applications in commercial intelligence.


Entering JD Headquarter to Experience Intelligent Business Entity and Mobile Payment

In the JD Building, students of Tsinghua PBCSF EMBA B&R Program for Southeast Asia visited the JD Group Corporate Culture Exhibition Hall, where they learnt about the 13 years of Jingdong's development history and the latest achievements in logistics technology innovation. They also personally experienced the new shopping methods such as unmanned supermarket, JD home physical stores, and self-service cabinet.

Students had a group photo in JD Group


On behalf of JD Group, Xu Ling, JD Group Vice President and Head of JD Financial Payment Department welcomed the students’ visit and introduced JD’s 13 years of development. He talked about how JD Group transformed the traditional business models with technology and became a global leading intelligent business entity in smart business, smart finance, and smart insurance business. Xu introduced JD Group's innovation in logistics and payment processes. By using technologies such as big data, cloud computing, robotics and artificial intelligence, it promoted multi-terminal and multi-scene consumption, and created a full-scale “timely, eco-friendly, innovative, and intelligent” green logistics system.

Experience sharing by Xu Ling


Li Yang, head of JD Financial's overseas payment service department, focused on sharing the latest strategy of JD.com overseas, especially in Southeast Asia. Li mentioned that the next decade will be a decade of globalization for Chinese brands. JD’s investment will follow the country’s “Belt and Road Initiative”. The first step in “going global” was taken in Indonesia, in which JD has been in operation for two years. The next step will be entering the Thai and Malaysian markets.

Experience sharing by Li Yang



PBCSF EMBA B&R Program for Southeast Asia Visited Baidu and JD.com