Tsinghua University PBCSF B&R Finance EMBA Program for SE Asia Forum was held in Jakarta

08-03-2018 403

Tsinghua University PBCSF B&R Finance EMBA Program for Southeast Asia Forum was held in Jakarta, Indonesia on March 8, 2018. The forum was themed “2018 Unicorns and Venture Capitals in Indonesia and China”. More than 70 founders of start-ups, partners of VC companies and executives of family enterprises attended the forum.

Agung Prabowo, managing director of UBS Indonesia, Chris Yao, vice president of JD Finance, Jun Wang, chairman of Kinzon Capital and Weihan Liew, founder of Mainspring Technology and many other industry leaders shared their thoughts respectively.

Top Left: Agung Prabowo

Top Right: Mr Chris Yao

Bottom Left: Mr Jun Wang

Bottom Right: Weihan Liew


Mr. Agung shared his view on Indonesia’s economic circumstance. He said that the 6 key countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Singapore makes up over 90% of Southeast Asia’s economy and population. Indonesia has the 3rd largest population in Asia, and its middle class is increasing very fast. Also, Indonesia is at the verge of mobile data boom driven by its increasing smart phone penetration and relatively cheap mobile data price.

Mr Chris Yao shared JD Finance’s vison and its globalization strategy. Based on its multi-dimensional, massive and dynamic data resource, JD Finance’s ambition is becoming a great global technology company. Yao said JD Finance’s globalization started from Indonesia and Thailand, and will be contributing to a closer tie between China and the whole region of Southeast Asia.

Mr. Jun Wang talked about the VC trends in China in 2017, which is very hot topic in CHina. From his point of view, AI and education are the most valuable industries that may have the most potential investing opportunities.

Mr. Weihan Liew emphasized the importance of AI on his news App business. AI can help them distribute specific news to users according to their preferences. He pointed out that AI and contents are their key competitive advantages.

At the end of the forum, Mr. Kan Cai, associate director of executive education, Tsinghua PBCSF, introduced the B&R Finance EMBA Program for Southeast Asia. Many attendants showed their great interest in the program and would like to have the chance to study at Tsinghua PBCSF.


Tsinghua University PBCSF B&R Finance EMBA Program for SE Asia Forum was held in Jakarta