Belt & Road Fintech Advanced Program

Technology innovations in the digital age, including cloud computing, big data, blockchain, AI and others have triggered a new revolution in the financial industry. China now is a global leader of financial technology (Fintech) with many well-known fintech companies emerging out, such as Ant Financial, JD Finance,, and CreditEase. Great opportunities are always accompanied with great risks. The booming fintech industry in China also poses regulatory challenges for the government.

Tsinghua PBC School of Finance (PBCSF) provides a good platform of strengthening communication among business leaders, scholars and regulators in fintech research and practice. Its specially-designed Belt & Road Fintech Advanced Program is the first fintech program of this kind in the world to comprehensively study the development trends of fintech and regulatory environment.

The program is taught by distinguished scholars from Tsinghua PBCSF, regulators and industry leaders, in collaborated with world established think tanks. The program is designed to provide participants a first-hand understanding of fintech beyond books and theories with more interaction among a diverse profile of participants. The program also focuses on providing more opportunities for dialogues, networking events and field visits in order to achieve a highly effective way of experiential learning.


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Course of Study

Program Objectives

  • Gain more understanding of China and ASEAN countries’ economy under the “B&R” Initiative.
  • Understand the development and main business models of fintech
  • Understand the regulatory polices of fintech
  • Discover more investment opportunities in fintech

Targeted Participants

  • Officials from regulatory authorities of ASEAN countries
  • Executives of financial industry in ASEAN countries
  • Entrepreneurs and investors in fintech industry
  • Leaders of e-commerce and internet companies
  • Entrepreneurs who seek for new opportunities


Lectures and Visits

  • China’s Economy and Belt and Road Policy
  • China’s Macro Economy
  • Interpretation of Belt and Road initiative
  • Investment Opportunities under the B&R initiative
  • Overview of China’s Financial Market

Fintech Business Models

  • Digitalization of traditional finance(online bank, online broker, online insurance)
  • Finance based on internet(online asset management, online consumer financing, online loans, online sales of financial products)
  • New fintech models(P2P, crowdfunding)
  • Fintech information service(online investment network, online social investment, financial products searching, personal financial information management, online financial education)

Fintech fundamental technology

  • Financial big data and its application
  • Blockchain technology and its application

Fintech Regulation

  • Establishment of fintech credit system
  • Fintech regulatory policy in China

Fintech investment

Southeast Asia fintech forum


Fintech company visit:

 *Select 4-5 companies to visit


Program Venue

  • Beijing

Program Date

Module 1: 4 days, April, 2018

Module 2: 4 days, June, 2018

Program Language



The faculties and guest lecturers in this program are either professors from the PBC School of Finance and Tsinghua University or executives from leading Chinese financial institutions. Policy makers from financial regulatory authorities are also heavily involved in the program.