South-South Education Program for Economy and Finance

The global economy has witnessed a series of twists and turns in the post-crisis period, and is now entering a decade of transition, in which developing countries need more negotiations and cooperation with each other to conquer the challenges and to maintain the steady growth. The South-South Education Program for Economy and Finance, a collaborative program between Tsinghua PBCSF and the Finance Center for South-South Cooperation (FCSSC), aims to develop and foster the government leaders and business elites in financial industries of developing countries on the basis of strengthening the bilateral and multilateral cooperation among China and other Global South countries, especially in the areas of finance, economy and trade, and deepening the mutual understanding.

Program Objectives

The program has been developed based on the following four objectives:

  • Accomplish a comprehensive and
    systematic understanding of Chinese
    financial development and achievements
    under the framework of socio-economic
    transition and industry upgrading

  • Acknowledge the aim and idea of
    peaceful and common development
    for sustainable growth and mutually
    beneficial relationships as held
    by the government of China

  • Assess the investment opportunities
    in China and the trends of Chinese
    economic development as well as the
    potential of resource sharing between
    participating countries, especially the
    developing and emerging countries

  • Achieve better understanding of Chinese
    culture as well as the commercial and
    financial environment of China by visiting
    top Chinese enterprises and
    financial institutions

Mode of Delivery

The program is well balanced with both lectures and field trips, aiming to facilitate communications between policy makers and business leaders both in China and abroad, and to better understand Chinese economy and culture.


The faculties and guest lecturers in this program are either professors from the PBC School of Finance and Tsinghua University or executives from leading Chinese financial institutions. Policy makers from financial regulatory authorities are also heavily involved in the program.

  • Haizhou Huang

    Managing Director

    China International Capital Corporation Limited

  • Jiandong Ju


  • Li Liao


    Executive Associate Dean

    Deputy Head of NIFR.

  • Min Zhu

    Head of National Financial Research Institute, Tsinghua University

    PhD in economics from Johns Hopkins University


  • Ning Zhu

    Oceanwide Professor of Finance, Tsinghua University

  • Xiaoling Wu

    Chairwoman and Dean, PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University

    Member of the Standing Committee and Vice Chairman of the...