B&R EMBA Program for Southeast Asia

The B&R EMBA Program for Southeast Asia offered by PBC School of Finance (PBCSF), Tsinghua University, adopts an educational approach that is closely aligned with the demands of China’s financial reforms. Building on a wealth of educational and industrial resources, the Program enjoys an unparalleled faculty composed mostly of regulatory officials and industry elites. It is one of the most recognized EMBA programs in the Asia-Pacific region.


Recruiting Top Enterpreneurs 

Program Highlights

  • Finance Focused

    85% of the curriculum is focused
    on finance and accounting

  • Forefront Practice

    80% of program faculties are
    industry leaders

  • Capital Accelerator

    Nearly 40% of the students' corporations
    are publicly listed companies

  • Innovation Driven

    Nearly 80% of the students are co-founders
    and highest decision-makers

Course of Study

Created for entrepreneurs and senior executives from all academic backgrounds, The B&R EMBA Program for Southeast Asia provides a thorough foundation in finance. Through cross-regional class modules and company visits, student will gain an in-depth perspective on Southeast Asian Economies and China’s ‘Belt and Road’ Policy, given its important role in the infrastructure development of the entire Southeast Asia region, learn how to effectively apply financial analysis techniques, work with capital markets and financial institutions, and engage with Chinese entrepreneurs. 

Macro Economy

( 5 out of 32 points)

Finance Market

(6 out of 32 points)

Corporate Finance 

(6 out of 32 points)

Finance Technology

(3 out of 32 points)

General Management 

(5 out of 32 points)

Regional Economy 

(7 out of 32 points)

◆The Chinese Economic Reform ◆ Banking and Insurance Industry in China ◆ Cororate Finance for CEOs ◆ Big Data and Business Model Innovation ◆ Cross-culture Communications ◆ Company Visits 
◆ Understanding the Belt and Road Initiative ◆ Securities Investment in China ◆ Tax planning and Cross-border Transactions ◆ Internet Finance ◆ Marketing Management ◆ Regional Macro Economy and Policies
◆China's Macro Policies and Overseas Investment  ◆ Green Finance ◆ Asset Management  and Fixed-income Investment  ◆ AI and New Technology ◆ Corporate Strategy ◆ Global and Regional Markets
◆ SOE and OBOR Opportunities ◆ Trending Issues in China's Financial Market ◆ Behavioral Finance   ◆ Leadership ◆ New Norm of Global Trade
◆ Monetary Policies ◆ Private Equity and Venture Capital  ◆ Finance Law   ◆Performance Evaluation and Motivation ◆ Economic Zones along the Belt and Road
  ◆Theory and Practice of Equity Investment  ◆ Asset Securitization      

Mode of Delivery

The B&R EMBA Program for Southeast Asia may be completed full-time over two to three years. It is also a dual-location program. Classes will be taken in Beijing or in Southeast Asia, depending on specific requirements of each module. More information will be given at admission.

Most courses are taught in English. Simultaneous interpretation also available for courses primarily delivered in Mandarin.



Classes begin in September every year.

Program Information Session will be held seasonally before each intake. Please refer to Upcoming Sessions for details.


The faculties and guest lecturers in this program are either professors from the PBC School of Finance and Tsinghua University or executives from leading Chinese financial institutions. Policy makers from financial regulatory authorities are also heavily involved in the program.

  • Guobo Huang

    Chief Investment Officer

    CNIC Corporation Limited

  • Jiange Li

    Vice Chairman Chairman of the Board

    Central Huijin Investment Co,

    Ltd Trustees of Sun Y...

  • Min Zhu

    Head of National Financial Research Institute, Tsinghua University

    PhD in economics from Johns Hopkins University


  • Xiaochuan Zhou

    Honorary Dean, Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance;

    Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance; The CPPCC* Nat...

  • Xiaoling Wu

    Chairwoman, PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University

    Member of the Standing Committee and Vice Chairman of the...