• BRI EMBA Program for Southeast Asia

    The B&R EMBA Program for Southeast Asia offered by PBC School of Finance (PBCSF), Tsinghua University, adopts an educational approach that is closely aligned with the demands of China’s financial reforms. Building on a wealth of educational and industrial resources, the Program enjoys an unparalleled faculty composed mostly of regulatory officials and industry elites. It is one of the most recognized EMBA programs in the Asia-Pacific region.


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  • Belt & Road Fintech Advanced Program

    Technology innovations in the digital age, including cloud computing, big data, blockchain, AI and others have triggered a new revolution in the financial industry. China now is a global leader of financial technology (Fintech) with many well-known fintech companies emerging out, such as Ant Financial, JD Finance, renrendai.com, rong360.com and CreditEase. Great opportunities are always accompanied with great risks. The booming fintech industry in China also poses regulatory challenges for the government.

    Tsinghua PBC School of Finance (PBCSF) provides a good platform of strengthening communication among business leaders, scholars and regulators in fintech research and practice. Its specially-designed Belt & Road Fintech Advanced Program is the first fintech program of this kind in the world to comprehensively study the development trends of fintech and regulatory environment.

    The program is taught by distinguished scholars from Tsinghua PBCSF, regulators and industry leaders, in collaborated with world established think tanks. The program is designed to provide participants a first-hand understanding of fintech beyond books and theories with more interaction among a diverse profile of participants. The program also focuses on providing more opportunities for dialogues, networking events and field visits in order to achieve a highly effective way of experiential learning.


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  • South-South Education Program for Economy and Finance

    The global economy has witnessed a series of twists and turns in the post-crisis period, and is now entering a decade of transition, in which developing countries need more negotiations and cooperation with each other to conquer the challenges and to maintain the steady growth. The South-South Education Program for Economy and Finance, a collaborative program between Tsinghua PBCSF and the Finance Center for South-South Cooperation (FCSSC), aims to develop and foster the government leaders and business elites in financial industries of developing countries on the basis of strengthening the bilateral and multilateral cooperation among China and other Global South countries, especially in the areas of finance, economy and trade, and deepening the mutual understanding.