Our world-class faculty are here to cultivate innovative talents

A core tradition of the School is the distinctive makeup of its faculty, which consists primarily of industry lecturers and supervisors. The School is also dedicated to building a world-class full-time faculty team. As of November 2016, the faculty team consists of 20 full-time professors, 2 visiting professors, 4 special-term professors, 20 adjunct professors and 137 industry supervisors.

(In Alphabetical Order by Family Name)
  • Wenzhong Fan


    International Department, China Banking Regulatory Commis...

  • ShanWen Gao

    Chief Economist

    Essence Securities

  • Hong Huang

    Vice Chairman

    China Insurance Regulatory Commission

  • Guobo Huang

    Chief Investment Officer

    CNIC Corporation Limited

  • Xiaolian Hu


    The Export-import Bank of China

  • Haizhou Huang

    Managing Director

    China International Capital Corporation Limited

  • Zhihong Ji


    Financial Market Department, the People’s Bank of China.<...

  • Yang Jiang

    Vice Chairman

    China Securities Regulatory Commission

  • Jiandong Ju


  • Liu Hongru

    Former Deputy Governor of PBC

    Former Deputy Governor of the People’s Bank of China


  • Jianmin Liao

    Deputy Party Secretary Vice Chairman President

    The people’s Insurance Company (Group) of China Limited

  • Lei Lu

    Deputy Administrator of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE)

    Deputy Administrator of the State Administration of Forei...

  • Kemo Li

    Former Vice Chairman

    China Insurance Regulatory Commission

  • Jiange Li

    Vice Chairman Chairman of the Board

    Central Huijin Investment Co,

    Ltd Trustees of Sun Y...

  • Fu‘an Li

    Chairman of the Board

    China BOHAI Bank

  • Bo Li


    Monetary Policy Departement, the People’s Bank of China

  • Li Liao


    Executive Associate Dean

    Deputy Head of NIFR.

  • Weihua Ma


    National Fund for Technology Transfer and Commercializati...

  • Gongsheng Pan

    Deputy Governor

    Deputy Governor of the People’s Bank of China (PBC) and A...

  • Wensheng Peng

    Global Chief Economist

    Everbright Securities Co., Ltd.

  • Bin Qi

    Vice President

    China Investment Corporation

  • Songcheng Sheng

    Counselor Former Director-General

    The people’s Bank of China

    Statistic Dept. of the P...

  • GuangShao Tu

    Vice Chairman & President

    China Investment Corporation

  • Yingning Wei

    Former Vice Chairman

    China Insurance Regulatory Commission

  • Xiaoling Wu

    Chairwoman, PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University

    Member of the Standing Committee and Vice Chairman of the...

  • Yuanqi Xiao


    Prudential Regulation Bureau, China Banking Regulatory Co...

  • YuDong Yao

    Chief Economist

    Da Cheng Fund Management Co., Ltd.

  • Jianfeng Yu


  • Xiaochuan Zhou

    Honorary Dean, Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance;

    Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance; The CPPCC* Nat...

  • Lixin Zhao

    General Manager

    Capital Market Statistics & Monitoring Center (CMSMC)

  • Xiaopu Zhang

    Deputy Director-General, Economic Bureau Ⅰ(Bureau of Macro Economics)

    Office of the Central Leading Group for Financial and Eco...

  • Xiaoling Zhang

    Deputy CEO

    Deputy CEO of China Asset Management Co., Ltd; CEO of Ch...

  • Min Zhu

    Head of National Financial Research Institute, Tsinghua University

    PhD in economics from Johns Hopkins University


  • Ning Zhu

    Oceanwide Professor of Finance, Tsinghua University

  • Xiaoyan Zhang


  • Hong Zhang

    Phoenix Chair Professor

  • Hao Zhou

    Unigroup Chair Professor

    Deputy Head of NIFR

    Associate Dean.