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2018 Unicorns and Venture Capitals in Indonesia and China

Fintech and many other types of unicorn enterprises are growing fast across Asia, and that includes China and Indonesia.  Some related hot topics are becoming the concerns of entrepreneurs and VC in China and Indonesia, such as the investment hotspots for China’s VC in newly emerging industries in Southeast Asia; the application of unicorn enterprises’ business models in Southeast Asia; impacts of emerging businesses on traditional markets, etc.

Indonesia is the hotspot now. The country’s large population, coupled with its low financial accessibility, has created abundant opportunities where entrepreneurs equipped with advanced financial technologies can thrive.

On March 8, 2018 (Thursday), we sincerely invite you to attend an event organized by Tsinghua University PBCSF, to explore more information and progress of our B&R Finance EMBA Program for Southeast Asia. At the same time, please join us to discuss the development of newly emerging industries in China and Indonesia, and share thoughts for enterprise cooperation between China and Indonesia.

Event Details:

Date:           March 8, 2018 (Thursday)

Time:          18:00 - 20:00pm

Venue:           Jakarta, Indonesia

Language:       English

Dress Code:    Business Casual


18:00 to 18:10 pm    Welcome Remarks

18:10 to 19:00 pm     VIP Keynote Speech

19:00 to 19:20 pm     Introduction of Tsinghua University PBCSF B&R Finance EMBA Program for Southeast Asia

19:20 to 20:00 pm    Networking

Invited Speakers:

1. Mr Jingwei WANG

Assistant Dean of Tsinghua University PBCSF

2. Mr Can CAI

Associate Director, Executive Education, Tsinghua University PBCSF

3. Ms Cindy LI

Associate Director, Executive MBA, Tsinghua University PBCSF

4. Mr Chengzhang YAO

 VP of JD Finance

5. Mr Jun WANG

Chairman of Kinzon Capital / PBCSF Alumni

6. Mr Weihan LIEW

Founder of Mainspring Technology/PBCSF B&R EMBA Student

7. Mr Pandu Patria SJAHRIR

  Director of PT Toba Bara Sejahtra Tbk/PBCSF B&R EMBA Student

8. Mr Agung PRABOWO

 Managing Director, UBS Indonesia/PBCSF B&R EMBA Student

9. Mr Yoga  Sades SUGEHARTO,

Co-Founder & COO of VIP Plaza/PBCSF B&R EMBA Student


Ms. Zhu Jing

Tel:+86 10 6278 4921

Mobile:+86 (0) 13910122597



Tsinghua University PBCSF B&R Finance EMBA Program for Southeast Asia Forum